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Construction NVQs, also known as National Vocational Qualifications, are highly regarded certifications within the construction industry. These qualifications are renowned for their practicality and real-world applicability, making them a valuable asset for individuals pursuing careers in construction. Unlike traditional academic qualifications, NVQs emphasize hands-on experience and competency assessment, ensuring that candidates not only possess theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills required to excel in their roles.

Recognised by employers as a mark of proficiency, achieving an NVQ can open doors to numerous opportunities within the construction sector, whether you're starting your career or aiming for career advancement. With their industry-wide recognition, Construction NVQs continue to be a cornerstone for building a successful career in construction.

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Name Duration Accreditation Places Left
LEVEL 4 NVQ DIPLOMA IN SITE CONSTRUCTION SITE SUPERVISOR 6 months to 9 Months dependent on experience ProQual

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